The project

The main objective of MISTIC SEAS III Project “Developing a coordinated approach for assessing Descriptor 4 via its linkages with D1 and other relevant descriptors in the Macaronesian sub-region” is to address the assessment of the environmental status of the marine environment, based on Descriptor 4 (D4, food webs) of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), trophic networks, which are the set of food chains of an ecosystem, in Macaronesia sub-region (Azores, Madeira and Canary Islands), following the criteria set by the  European Commission.

Through a coordinated action and common approach, the assessment of the environmental status of the marine environment at the Macaronesia sub-region will be carried out, defining and testing methodologies that enable to identity trophic guilds. The results of this work will be integrated with the criteria established for descriptors D1 (Biodiversity) and D3 (Fisheries).

The MISTIC SEAS III project is the follow-up to MISTIC SEAS and MISTIC SEAS II, which worked on the implementation of a common methodology for monitoring descriptor biodiversity in Macaronesia sub-region, focusing on marine mammals, turtles and seabirds common populations on the archipelagos in this sub-region.

The project runs since March 2019 to March 2021 and has a total budget of €1,085,660€, of which 80% is co-funded by the European Commission (DG ENV/MSFD 2018).

The following actions will be carried out:

WP1 – Development of a coordinated approach for addressing and implementing Descriptor 4 (food webs) in the Macaronesian sub-region.

  • Task 1.1. State of the Art of D4.
  • Task 1.2. Approach to the New Decision Criteria for D4
  • Task 1.3. Filling important data gaps for trophic relationships.

WP2 – Macaronesian common approach for the integration and aggregation of biological parameters in the trophic web.

  • Task 2.1. MISTIC SEAS III Database.
  • Task 2.2. Data Analysis and ecosystem modelling.
  • Task 2.3 Pilot to test the methodology.

WP3 – Assessment across Biodiversity descriptors – Linking D4 (trophic guilds), D1 (Biodiversity) and D3 (Fisheries)

  • Task 3.1. Tackle gaps for Descriptors 1-4.
  • Task 3.2. Indicator optimisation and environmental risk assessment.
  • Task 3.3. Improve monitoring of Descriptors 1-4.

WP4 – Synergies and Cooperation between sub-regions

  • Task 4.1. Inter-sub-regional approach.
  • Task 4.2. Common Strategy for D4 in Macaronesia.

WP5 – Communication and dissemination

  • Task 5.1. Communication Plan and Dissemination.
  • Task 5.2. MISTIC SEAS III Website.
  • Task 5.3. Stakeholders dissemination and cooperation.

WP6 – Coordination & Management

  • Task 6.1. Coordination.
  • Task 6.2. Project Management.
  • Task 6.3. Steering Committee.
  • Task 6.4. Consortium Meetings and StCs.