Mistic Seas 2 joined the 19th anniversary of the Marine Biology Station of Funchal (Madeira)

Sunday, 30 September, 2018

The Funchal Marine Biology Station (EBMF) promoted this weekend a night open to the public, with the aim of showing the population the activities that are carried out at the station, both in the research component and in the environmental education component.

The event was attended by Vereadora Idalina Perestrelo, who has the role of Science and Natural Resources in the City Hall of Funchal, and also marked the 19th anniversary of the Marine Biology Station of Funchal.

For several years the station has been opening its doors to the public for a few nights a month during the summer period. This had already happened on September 15, at an Open Night dedicated to the "Madeira Seafood" on Saturday, this time around the "Mistic Seas 2" project, which was the last Open Night of 2018.

The event aimed to convey the importance of the marine biodiversity of Madeira through a relaxed debate between marine scientists, disseminators of the Mistic Seas project and all the enthusiasts present, and was complemented by a guided tour to the station.

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