MISTIC SEAS 2 promotes environmental education activity at CEIP school Eduardo Rivero Ramos (Las Palmas)

Thursday, 27 September, 2018

Yesterday, Mistic Seas 2 carried out an environmental education activity at school children of the 4th grade of the CEIP Eduardo Rivero Ramos (Las Palmas).

Cristina Fernández, Graduate in Marine Sciences, under the MISTIC SEAS 2 project, was in charge of developing the workshop-talks for the knowledge and conservation of the marine environment, where the students participated actively through games like the sea spread-word or singing and interpreting a rap on the marine environment and its care.

"The MISTIC SEAS project, an acronym for Macaronesia Islands Standard Indicators and Criteria: Reaching Common Grounds on Monitoring Marine Biodiversity in Macaronesia, has aimed to design a common methodology for the monitoring of marine biodiversity in the Macaronesia region, focusing on the populations of cetacean, turtles and seabird species. "

Activity included in the "Arucas and El Mar" program, organized by the Environmental Department of Arucas Municipality.

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