MISTICSEAS 2 Project performs dissemination and awareness raising actions in the Azores

Monday, 18 June, 2018

Last Saturday, June 16, took place the Science Fair of the Expolab’s Living Science Center within the scope of the Science Club Project. The Expolab’s Science Fair is the accomplishment of the work carried out throughout the first Semester of 2018, which have involved students from the Integrated Basic Schools of Lagoa and Água de Pau (São Miguel, Azores). During the the Project implementation, students were divided into Working Groups (WG) for the development of activities related to Science and Technological Dissemination, as well as other related topics. The student’s choice to join the work groups was spontaneous, according to their personal interests.

The MISTIC SEAS 2 European Project, which is coordinated by the Fundo Regional para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FRCT – Azores Government), have performed dissemination and awareness raising actions in collaboration with Expolab, through the framework of its activities in the Science Clubs Project. The work carried out by the WG MISTIC SEAS 2, which was attended by 12 young students of the Second Cycle, consisted of six meetings dedicated to science dissemination, education and environmental awareness. These approaches were enclosed according to the MISTIC SEAS 2 project perspectives (the selected species as indicators of the marine environmental status in the Macaronesian Subregion, their threats and related good environmental practices). On the work developed with the GT MISTIC SEAS 2, it is worth mentioning the Celebration of the Portuguese National Scientist's Day and the visit to the Santa Maria Manuela Ship-School. Such activities were important to awaken the interest in science.

The work carried out between May and June culminated in the participation in Expolab's Science Fair. During the Science Fair, the WG MISTIC SEAS 2 presented the theme "The importance of Marine Biodiversity". The audience who visited the space dedicated to the WG MISTIC SEAS 2 had the opportunity to learn about the marine biodiversity of Macaronesia through informative materials produced by the MISTIC SEAS 2 project and didactic material kindly provided by researchers from the University of the Azores (including skull and parts of the skeleton of marine mammals). The WG also worked to raise awareness regarding the problem of plastic and microplastics in the marine environment through a practical activity. More than 100 commitment signatures were collected for the adoption of good practices aiming the conservation of the marine environment and its species.

The activities carried out were disclosed throughout the MISTIC SEAS 2 social profiles, the official website of the project, the FRCT official Website and digital newspapers.

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